Tải nhiều của Kinh Tế

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 4 nguyên tắc giải cứu khủng hoảng tài chính và suy giảm kinh tế toàn cầu

Principles of Marketing (Philips Kotler, 14th)

(Reuvid, Jonathan; Sherlock, Jim) International trade An essential guide to the principles and practice of export

Principles of Accounting

(Krugman, Paul R; Obstfeld, Maurice) International Economics – Theory and Policy

(Mankiw, N Gregory ) Principles of Economics (6th Ed, 2012)

(Case, Karl E) Principles of Economics 2012

(Mcguigan, James R) Managerial Economics Applications Strategy and Tactics

(Carbaugh, Robert J) International Economics – 10th ed

(Abel Bernanke Croushore) Macroeconomics 7th Edition

(Hall, Robert E) Economics – Principle and Applications

Tải nhiều của Bài báo khoa học

Bioeconomic model of eastern baltic cod under the influence of nutrient enrichment

The Impact of Online Social Networking on Students’ Study (VNU Unviversity of Economics and Business)

Economic growth and changes in welfares during the economic reforms in Vietnam

Economic Modernization in Vietnam From Industrialization to Innovation Stage

Impact of Japan’s official development assistance on Vietnam’s socio-economic development

Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty in East Asia; ACGE Analysis

Stiglitz – Economics Of Informarion And the thoery of Economic Development

Sustainable Tourism Development for the Southern Central Vietnam – The Necessity for the Region’s Economic Development

Thailand’s inadequate response to the 2008 Economic Crisis – Implications for Vietnam and other countries entering the East Asian economic model